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Become a mentor with Montréal entrepreneurs!

Are you eager to help other entrepreneurs? To contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial community? Are you or have been an entrepreneur for more than 5 years managing at least 10 employees?


In what interest?

  • You will learn as much as you give back, while stimulating your creativity.
  • You will have the feeling of accomplishment.
  • Mentoring skills are useful in team management and in your private life.


Your engagement?

  • Accompany entrepreneurs from the Montreal area
  • Become a better mentor by interacting with other mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Adhere to the mission, vision and values of Réseau Mentorat Montréal.


How long does mentoring last?

  • 1 to 2 hours per month, in individual mentoring
  • Or 4 to 5 hours a month, in group mentoring
  • More than 3 meetings per year for networking and co-development with other mentors.

Becoming a mentor

Making a difference!

By becoming a volunteer mentor with Réseau Mentorat, you will be empowering the success of other entrepreneurs. The main focus of the entrepreneur mentoring program is the person at the head of the business and that person’s entrepreneurial skills. The benefits inevitably trickle over to the rest of the organization.

By concentrating on the entrepreneurs themselves instead of their ventures, you will be helping your mentees improve their business reflexes, gain a better understanding of their decision-making process, increase their confidence and build their entrepreneurial toolbox so that they can take their business to new heights – and fuel the success of any subsequent entrepreneurial initiatives.

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Mentor privileges

Being a Réseau Mentorat Mentor

You have access to the best workshops and tools to maximize your mentoring potential.

You benefit from a simple but rigorous framework that allows you to accompany entrepreneurs with peace of mind: a confidentiality agreement, a code of values ??and ethics, an error and omission insurance specific to your role as a mentor.

You have access to many skill development and networking opportunities with all players in the business community.

You have access to a selection of exclusive deals for Réseau Mentorat members.


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